Clear Pocket Sleeves & Custom Point of Purchase Sleeves

Are you looking for a great way to display signage, retail brochures and “Take-One” consumer literature? These custom point of purchase sleeves are versatile, durable and easily configured for a variety of applications. Clear pocket sleeves are a perfect addition to any retail setting, showroom floor, or auction!


For larger items such as bicycles and furniture, a product tag containing the product description, merchandise product codes and pricing is easily inserted into a custom point of purchase sleeve and attached to the item. Information is clearly visible, easily legible, and customers can handle the clear pocket sleeves repeatedly without harming the information inside. Once your price or information tag is protected by a clear pocket sleeve, your employees will save time and hassle from relabeling products. Take-one-to-purchase tickets can also be contained in custom point of purchase sleeves, and clear pocket sleeves can be reused just by changing out the inserts, making a versatile branded custom point of purchase sleeve an economical solution.

In retail settings utilizing display racks and smaller items, these product tags can be an inexpensive packaging alternative. Hanging holes can be reinforced with grommets when needed for heavier items and adding a hook and loop closure allows the end user to store the item in the clear pocket sleeve after they complete their purchase. If company and product information has been printed on the clear pocket sleeve instead of on an insert, it is a long-lasting reminder of your brand. Order your custom point of purchase sleeves for your event or showroom today!