Customizable Adhesive Pockets,
Vinyl Protection Sleeves, & Vinyl Envelopes

Peel and stick. What could be simpler? Attach these customizable adhesive pockets to file cabinets, storage racks and bins, display racks, equipment, binders, folders and your locker. Anywhere you want information visible, accessible and protected is a good place for a vinyl protection sleeve. Cards and documents easily slide out of the pocket when information changes. Static information and label templates can be pre-printed for customizable adhesive pockets.


At Technical Manufacturing, we use vinyl protection sleeves to identify products on the racks in the warehouse and to designate the contents of the file cabinets in the office. We also use them to post messages in the cafeteria (Social Distance, Please, People! Masks Must be Worn ...), and our people also use them to identify their lockers.

Customizable adhesive pockets keep information protected and visible in one simple solution! These vinyl envelopes are perfect for trade workers, corporate offices, teachers, hobbyists, and everyone in between. Our products are all durable and built to last in every use case possible.

Just like our display sleeves, our existing tool inventory means we have ready-to-go sizes available for the asking, so go ahead and ask. No matter what your needs are, we have a vinyl sleeve to fit you.